What is a credit?

Credits are redeemed for generations of copy you create from template to template.

How many credits do I get?

Our Starter plan includes 50 credits per month with no long form option. You will still see long form content options but will be unable to generate those templates.

Our Professional plan allows for unlimited credits with 100 Long Form/Blog Credits per month.

When does a credit get used?

A credit gets used when you click the Generate button on a template. It will tell you how many credits will be used below the Generate button. Make sure all the information you've entered in is the best quality or exactly how you want it before you click Generate. Some templates use only one credit while others can use more than one.

Which templates use more than one credit?

🌟 Landing Pages consume 8 credits.
🌟 Event Press Release 3 credits
🌟 Unique Value Prop 2 credits
🌟 Bullet Point Expander consumes 3 credits

🌟 Content Enhancer consumes 2 credits
🌟 Every other short form template consumes 1 credit
🌟 Blog Post consumes 1 blog credit

🌟 Article Writer consumes 2 credits and 1 blog credit.

What is the difference between Credits and Blog/Long Form Credits?

For our Starter customers, they receive zero Blog/Long Form Credits meaning starter customers cannot create any blog/long form content. They have only regular credits and can use them on all templates that are not long form.

Blog/Long Form Credits are credits that are used specifically for Long Form content. They are only available to our Professional and Enterprise customers. They can only be redeemed for Long Form/Blog content and no other templates that would require a regular monthly credit.

When Will My Credits Reset?

Credits reset on the first day of the billing cycle.

How do I know how many credits I have left?

Number of remaining credits will show when you're in or accessing a template. It's located in the right-hand corner.

Starter Customers can also see the remaining credits under Home.

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